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I'm Catelynn :) I'm not pretty, I'm not the "perfect girl". I'm just me. I do what I want, and I'll express what I want. I live in Nebraska, soon to be where my heart tells me to go. I like to make fun of how I look all because I can make a fucking joke about myself. Don't take everything to seriously. Life is going to throw so many things your way, don't let them get to you. I post what I want, so if you get butt hurt about it, just go away :)


Him: I still have that lighter case you gave me.
Me: Whos this?
Him: Christian
Me: Okay?
Him: Lol okay? Thats it
Me: Why'd you text me?
Him: Why not
Me: Why? Is it cause you were bored?
Him: No i just felt like it i found some of our old notes so i thought you know what the hell
Me: Well jeez last time i talked to you, you called me overobsessing bitch.
Him: I did not call you a bitch you know that
Me: Uhm yeah you did.
Him: Well i am very sorry i was an immuture prick i really am
Him: Sorry if i woke you up
Me: It's okay.....
Him: So do you mind talking to me
Me: Not now. I'm watching a movie and it just started.
Him: Oh i see how it is
Me: Idk i've never seen it before.
Him: Loser :D
Me: Yup.
Him: Always has been always will be
Me: Yup
Him: Well i guess i will talk to you later
Me: Okay.
Him: Oh and p.s. i don't know if anyone told you but i'm almost paralyzed from the waist down my life is great i hope your is to
Me: I'm sorry to hear that.
Him: Eh it happens zach pushed me off my roof
Me: Why?
Him: Cause i called him a nigger lover
Me: Okay?
Him: Yeah well i can see that your not very invested in this conversation
Me: Sorry like i said the movie just started and we are going through trailors.
Him: Well i will let you be then
Me: Okay have a good night
Him: Sweetdreams
  1. yousaythatloveisforever said: holy fuck?!?!?! you just told his ass. no joke(:
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